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Can you imagine finding your true love in 4 days?

Well, this is what the guests of my show “Cupid Palace” are hoping to get accomplished. I am right by their side guiding them to make certain that their dreams come true!
Hello, my name is Oksana Boichenko and for over 25 years I been passionate about creating international couples. I am Russian – Ukrainian myself, I know the deep world of beautiful Russian women and I also know that no matter how successful or beautiful Russian woman is – finding a decent Russian man in Russia for her is like trying to find a needle in a haystack.
That is why my Russian women are traveling from overseas to the USA with hopes to find an American man to give all their love, care and life to.
My women are paying for their own international flights, visas, accommodations and for my professional matchmaking services. Each woman you meet on my show had invested at least $4,000 up to $16,000 to meet a man of her dreams to love and cherish.

My women are business owners, driven, passionate, gorgeous and yet traditional ladies. They know how to make a man feel like a king. And the ones who don’t know – I train them.

My male clients tired of American women and their attitude of entitlement. My men want something unique, something different: a woman who recognizes his qualities and appreciative of his actions. They want to feel loved, they want passion and endless affection… and this is what they came here to find.
I am here to deliver them their International love in 4 days!

Watch me how I get it done.

Lots of Love,
Oksana Boichenko
International Matchmaker and Dating Coach
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