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S1 Ep 1: THE DELUSION. Russian women just arrived to the USA: let's fight for the husband begin

Russian women are arriving in the USA. All different shapes and sizes, different English knowledge and expectations. Rough &Tough; Elegant and Clarry; model-looking and just sweet girls. Who gets the American husband first? Let's the chance begin! We had to break some delusions here in this episode because some people are coming to get a life partner are just simply not realistic! What they want - simply doesn't exist. Sometimes it is about slapping someone around before they understand that finding true love is a process that requires right expectations, willingness to work and this is not a job for lazy people! Russian brides have finally arrived in the USA. Meet first 2 ladies. Do you think they stand any chance of getting an American husband?

S1 Ep 2:THE FIRST CRUSH. Only few hours into the show and someone is already in love.. Will it work?

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Several crushes already going on. Anna got a secret admirer, who would have thought that things might happen that quick for people! Meet John and his 3 ladies. Meet Shawn and his 3 ladies. Will at least one of them decide to stay with any of them forever? We bring lots of things "on the table". Will it make women stay or make them run away? See how Oksana Boichenko works with the clients and the tactics she issuing to bring American men and Russian/Ukrainian women together. Oksana believes that pulling everything on the table before the deep dating journey is the secret to successful dating and relationship building. Yes, she does things straight up - The RUSSIAN WAY.

S1 Ep 3: THE PARTY TIME. This is how Russian women party. Marriage minded hot Russian women partying

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Will Irina give a chance to Shawn? See how Oksana Boichenko is "brainwashing" her ladies. There is no room for mercy, either get her straight up approach and get the results or don't get the results. Putting the love and care sometimes doesn't work, sometimes it has to be a serious butt kicking. Listen to Oksana's advice to meet the right woman or a man in your life. Follow her dating advice for her dating party and see how Russian women party. Can there be some love connections happening? How many engagements can Oksana pull off from just one dating party?

S1 Ep 4: 3-DAY CHALLENGE. 3 engagements in 3 days: Which ones will see it the day of the wedding?

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Oksana Boichenko brings up the challenge: Day 1: engagement, Day 2: engagement, Day 3: engagement. Mission had been accomplished, however, which of these couples are actually going to make it? See how Oksana is trying to convince one of the couples NOT to do it. Does she believe that this couple is not right for each other? and why... Does the host of the Reality TV Show "Cupid Palace" is trying to break the couple apart? Does Oksana's vision goes way into the future and is she trying to affect the future of two people. Oksana Boichenko believes that there is a right Russian woman for any American (Western man), but which one out of hundreds her men meet would make an ideal match. While Oksana was not watching, her matchmaker Iya had matched up a couple, who Oksana believes would be very wrong for each other. Is this because Oksana "knows it all" and trying to show off her "knowledge" of love and romance, or is she actually right and the couple is not going to make it. See the results of matchmaking work that was done within 3 days of the show, see the tears of people involved in the matchmaking process and hearts being broken right on the camera. Nobody said that finding love is easy, it WILL take some hearts to be broken, it WILL take tears of happiness and sometimes tears of sadness.

S1 Ep 5: Matchmaker's miss: Brian's story goes on. The true reasoning why his woman accepted the ring.

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After having a conversation with Brian's woman - lots of things now start making sense. Why his Russian woman accepted his ring? Oksana Boichenko is having a serious conversation with the matchmaker Iya about how Brian ended up in this situation. Russian women are the best at camouflaging their feelings, nobody is able to understand a Russian woman with the exception of another Russian woman who is coming from their culture and able to read their mind. Meet new contestant of the show - Mila and gorgeous Russian girl from Moscow, who is looking for mister perfect and how she is unable to find him throughout all these years. Meet a new contestant - Mariiya, who came all the way from Belarus to find her love. Enter a deeper world of the Russian woman's mind. It is really complicated.

S1 E6: Two-Way Street. Men met over 150 gorgeous women by now, and this is where they stand...

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By now the participants of CupidPalace had met over 150 of the most gorgeous Russian and Ukrainian women. And although there are 10 times more of the women than men, it makes it more difficult for our men to make the choice. While there are 10 times more women the men - somehow our men manage to fall in love even with the same girl. Come on! It is already bad enough that 9 out of 10 girls will be going home empty-handed, but now even adding on the top the competition for the same girls? What is it with the competitive men's nature? If someone wants her then I know I am even better than the other guy... 
Well, a CupidPalace team just has to bring more women, help the participants of the show to find dipper connections with the other girls and create more love, where more people have finally found their true love.

S1 E7: Casino Night: a winner gets kisses, erotic dances, massages & more! Who gets lucky tonight?

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This show is sponsored by In this episode: Casino night: in our casino, we don't play for money, we play for wishes and all wishes go... as long as they get couples closer and closer to each other. Our participants can choose who they want to perform the erotic with: the winner chooses a person for wish performance but it has to be a person of the opposite gender. Our couples go wild in their wishes but they reveal their true personality and hidden dreams they might have had for each other. Be a witness of passionate kisses, all-part massages, sexy and not so sexy dancing, etc. Our ladies and gentlemen get very closely connected during the Casino night, they experience the connection with each other like they never had before. The curtains are off and these Russian girls and American gentlemen truly do reveal their admiration, connection, and dreams for each other. Could this just one-night form 4 couples that could get married and get engaged? Stay tuned and keep watching.
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