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In The Next Season Of Cupid Palace You Will See:
- The matchmakers are creating the love connections for CupidPalace members in 3 days at Luxury Villa overlooking the Hollywood Hills – Romantic setting of our villa is making the love juices flow for its guests even faster.

- Hugh Hefner experience: our male guests will be surrounded and living together with 18 of the most gorgeous and relationship-ready women from Russia and Ukraine, so they get to know them and experience European love first-hand, which will help them to choose THE ONE to keep for the rest of their life.

- Personalized Matchmaking Services. From the moment of their confirmation and acceptance into the program, they will start getting introduced to dozens of women of their choice via video dates. These women will be “villa” and “non-villa” ladies, and any women from our database. Their matchmaker will interview them prior to introductions, so she knows their personality, background and expectation and this way she can guide and help them with women selection for their love connection in-person at the villa. This way they can get to know ladies better and build a strong relationship foundation with them. During their time at the villa their matchmaker will work with them to get them the woman of their dreams and help them to experience Love and Passion with her.

- Exclusive Get-Together Party Event on Saturday, where they will be introduced to upwards of 150 relationship-ready ladies! They also will stay through the Speed-Dating Party, the dinner Event! Their matchmaker will be with them throughout the whole event to guide them, making sure they don’t lose their head over so many gorgeous women and keeping track of how many women they proposed to :-)

- Full access to all photos and all videos of all women in OksanaLove database, so our show participants can see how women look and hold themselves on camera, which will help them get clear picture of who they want to meet.

- Cooking Class and prep taught by our private chef - a real great way to unite with the ladies.

- Massage Class - learn the art of sensual massage and practice your skills on a woman you like the most: this is your time to find her hot buttons :-)

- THE RUSSIAN NIGHT: Let our women enter your heart by sharing with you some of their favorite Russian cuisine. Let the women guide you to the Russian traditions of toasting with vodka and partying with vodka. See our fine Russian women like you never seen them before. Vodka, Vodka and more Vodka - Russian #1 aphrodisiac :-)Meeting additional women on the live stream (one on one virtual dates arranged for you). These are the women that couldn't attend the party in person but ready to fly anywhere in the world to meet you in person.

- DANCE CLASS. Touch her, feel her, find the chemistry… if none, then move on to the next one :-) … keep touching until you find the chemistry :-)

- FORMAL DINNER WITH THE LADIES. Fine food, Fine wine and Fine women. Candles, Romance and more connections. Desert? Whip cream? Chocolate? Strawberries? Let your romance juices flow.

 - CASINO NIGHT. You set the stakes: play for chips, fun, hugs, kisses or wherever your stakes take you :-) FARE WARNING! Be careful what you play for… you might be the one who ends up delivering.

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